At Sky One FZE we have the flexibility to simplify your aviation needs



 B747-400                 CARGO & PAX
 B737-400                 CARGO
 A-320                 PAX
 CRJ-200         PAX
 IL-76         CARGO
 MI8-MTV         CARGO & PAX

Sky One FZE is a leading wet lease expert and charter airline operating worldwide. We offer aircraft including crew, maintenance and insurance to our customers. Sky One FZE is a one stop shop for airlines when they need additional capacity to cover their short/medium term or seasonal needs.  We operate a wide range of aircrafts and helicopters and are a global expert in narrow and wide body leasing. When it comes to leasing, we treat each case as unique to offer maximum flexibility from short and medium to long term leases with a sale lease-back option too. Wet lease has remained our core and chosen specialism, but alongside we also offer charters and evacuation flights.

With extensive experience in the cargo charter market, Sky One FZE works with clients and experienced air carriers to arrange the delivery of your time-sensitive consignments, heavy and outsize shipment, humanitarian goods, and all other types of freight. Helicopter deliveries for reliefs and fire-fighting has also been our key expertise. Sky One contracts endeavor to offer safe, timely efficient and cost-effective operation that can provide a base in any remote location according to our client’s needs.


Sky One Maintenance Services (SMS) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sky One FZE. SMS is a leader in providing aircraft spares and customized services to customers around the globe at competitive rates, through its long-standing relationships with premier original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s). Aircraft Maintenance & Repair division engineers at Sky One FZE take every aspect of component diagnostics and repair off your hands. From scheduled maintenance to repair and overhaul, our goal is to minimize the downtime while exceeding OEM standards.

Our services include:

  AOG support
  Repair of Engine, APU & Landing gear
  Maintenance of batteries, wheels & brakes
  Structure & Composite repairs
  Landing accident, fuselage & wing repair



Sky One FZE has been buying and selling aircrafts for decades now. At Sky One FZE, buying or selling of your aircraft is hassle-free and financially rewarding. Our sales team is ready 24/7 to ensure that our customers get the best quality and price proportion no matter where and when they need it. We are trading a wide selection of aircraft, engines, landing gears, APU’s and other components.
Our can-do attitude towards client’s individual requests has allowed us to build a continuously expanding portfolio.The primary aim of SKY ONE FZE is to make the sale as simple and cost-effective as possible.

  When looking to sell
Customers demand the best value, swift reliable service with competitive rates when it comes to selling their aircraft. You are also guaranteed safe storage and the best ongoing preservation maintenance.
  When looking to buy
Our Aviation Sales Team has on-site support from our Aircraft Engineering and Maintenance team to assist.



Sky One FZE as an aviation consulting wing is highly experienced & serves proudly and diligently to the airport owners, operators and airlines. Our hands-on collaboration in both emerging and developed markets give us a comprehensive outlook of the industry from a local, regional & global level.

   START UP assistance is mainly mission & vision, infrastructure, network & financial analysis.
  FLEET PLANNING details the aircraft types and configuration which are best suited for the upcoming network plan.
  OPERATION PLANNING covers ground, flight and airport operations, crew contracts & maintenance engineering.
  COMMERCIAL PLANNING covers sales & marketing strategies, pricing structure, revenue management and product portfolio.



Sky One FZE provides flight support services to operators across Middle East, Asia, Africa and Europe. Whether it is commercial, charter or cargo flight, our aim is to take care of every auxiliary function that is needed for a smooth operation. Our wide network of partners across the globe ensure that you receive a beyond excellent service in every region.

  24/7 licensed flight dispatch
  IFR flight planning for all types of aircraft
  Securing en-route permits and traffic rights
  Seasonal flight permits
  Aircraft ground handling
  Passenger and cargo handling
  Fuel uplifts
  Airport special assistance and supervision
  Hotel accommodation and Concierge services for crew