Private Equity

SKY ONE has accumulated more than a decade of investment opportunities in global growth markets. we focus on a ‘buy and build’ strategy

Our private equity investment strategy is to acquire controlling or significant interests with board representation in stable, mature, well-managed businesses. We create value in these businesses through operational improvements, management incentives, optimization of capital structure and the use of leverage. Where appropriate, we focus on a ‘buy and build’ strategy and believe in investing in businesses that will maximize shareholder value through strong operational growth and substantial capital appreciation. Our ultimate objective is to realize value through structured exits to strategic and trade buyers or onto public markets in the region and beyond, within a three to five-year investment horizon.

Our People

In SKY ONE we believe that intellectual capital is critical in providing innovative solutions ultimately which has a positive economic impact. Sky One has been fortunate to attract some of the most talented professionals. 

The skills and knowledge of our professionals are further complemented by specialist external advisors and consultants, who are retained to assist in the evaluation and execution processes. Our focus on quality permeates every aspect of our business, especially our investment approach. In developing a deep network of contacts and business relationships, we seek to identify high-quality investment opportunities on a proprietary basis. We then work to identify, assess and mitigate the risks. 

Our Partner Companies

At SKY ONE, we seek companies with sustainable and competitive advantage with strong brands for consolidation. We aim to influence the .strategic direction of our partner companies to help them achieve their business strategies.Sky One philosophy is simple: The aim is to scale up businesses add value at all stages of effective risk management.