Future Drivers

Passionate about advancing entrepreneurship, Mr. Jaideep Mirchandani believes the most effective way is to invest in Projects which will enable the Birth and Development of High Growth Companies.

Global Growth, Global Investors

His main focus is to provide a unique mix of Aviation and MRO Projects within UAE and globally keeping in mind with an expertise in line with the Middle Eastern Strategic Growth Vision. Mr.Jaideep feels this is the right time to gear up for an expansion so that the Company is ready to take advantages of the opportunities when the economy bounces back. Today, the Middle East region remains the fastest growing markets, especially in the Aviation Sector, this region was able to cushion the effect of the global economic turbulence only because of the sustainable business friendly environment it provides. Hence Mr.Jaideep sees this as a potential opportunity and is implementing business strategies to make high revenue growth businesses with independent profit units and to establish as a valuable company in the future.

Managing Investor Relationships

SKY ONE will pursue to grow through geographic expansion and strategic mergers and acquisitions. The main aim is to profitably expand the areas of MRO Operations and Aviation Services in the future while further developing the existing line of business. The primary objective of the company is to create a finance acquisition entities or restructure and then position these as a world class service provider. Mr. Jaideep feels these objectives can be achieved by continuous adherence to step by step completion of the projected business plan which will result is financial performances.

The SMS Project in Fujairah is one such project that will provide a long term lease providing a guaranteed cash flow in the Middle Eastern Aviation Sector. SMS MRO Fujairah is associated with the SMS aviation business which has proven track record of MRO activities overseas by an aviation industry veteran management team experienced in building and operating MRO businesses.

Mr.Jaideep Mirchandani believes that with the devotion and sincerity of his team, the company will develop new ventures leading to further progress in the years to come. Besides embarking his name in the industries he has also contributed a big hand in enhancing common people’s lives. Fellow industries follow his success strategies because he has achieved significant heights of success in every industry he has worked.