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Sky One FZE is uniquely positioned to quickly react to varying customer requirements with an owned composite fleet of helicopters, cargo and passenger aircraft across the globe.

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Sky One FZE has grown from an aircraft leasing company to a full-service aviation organization. Our immense experience and knowledge coupled with the unique fleet structure provides customers tailor made solutions. Sky One FZE focuses on global growth markets characterized by consumption-driven economies, pro-business policies, rapid urbanization, favourable demographics, and growing consumer classes. Our target markets are ultimately the places where the economic activity consumption and entrepreneurial talent is concentrated. We have successfully constructed mutually fruitful affairs with all sectors of the aviation industry i.e. airlines, airports, handling agents, freight forwarders, control authorities, NGO’s and other related agencies - which allow us to facilitate all kinds of operations, from an emergency relief cargo airlift to any AOG charter requirement, we provide customized and cost-effective solutions.

As an undisputed leader in the aviation business and backed by 30 years of experience, the highly specialized Sky One FZE team can cater to the most demanding requirements customers may have.   At Sky One FZE, we believe in continuous evolution and we manage to achieve this through sheer dedication, commitment & integrity of our team.

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A visionary and passionate business entrepreneur with over 30 years of core aviation experience in the Middle East, Asia & Europe over an extensive & diversified group of Aviation Assets ranging from an MI-8T helicopter to a Boeing 747-400 with over 30 subsidiary ventures spread across the globe. Our Chairman’s philosophy is to maintain a balanced culture and take utmost care of the employees who in turn take care of the customers.

“I’ am constantly being pushed to raise the bar & become an improved version of myself.”

An astute professional with over 25 years of US Army, Air Force flying & Civil Aviation experience. Our CEO has the overall responsibility of leading and supervising the company, set strategies and policies and monitor performance of the business. He has a proven history of successfully leading a $750M aviation business supporting all US Forces in Afghanistan.


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Sky One FZE is highly committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and respects and understands the necessity for environmental & socially responsible actions.  Sky One FZE has a proven track record of contributing to humanitarian and disaster relief projects throughout the world. Most recently Sky One FZE has been instrumental in its contribution to the COVID-19 support flights as and when required.

We believe in making a positive impact across the globe by :

  Improving Labour policies
  Participating in Fair trade
  Being environmental friendly
  Volunteering in community & charitable giving

Transparency has remained one of the most significant belief in Sky One FZE & the procedures incorporated into our compliance system really reflect the way we intend to work.  It is imperative for our employees to adhere to external & internal policies, regulations & ethics. We are highly committed to compliance with relevant economic and trade sanctions laws in all jurisdictions through detecting, mitigating and managing the risks.  The authenticity of SKY One FZE employees and related persons is very critical for the success of the company.