SKY ONE focuses on global growth markets characterized by consumption-driven economies, pro-business policies, rapid urbanization, favorable demographics, and growing consumer classes. Our target markets are ultimately select cities within our regions, where economic activity, consumption and entrepreneurial talent are concentrated.

  • Aviation Training
  • Ground Handling & Aircraft Fueling
  • Private Jet Charter Flights
  • Buying & Leasing
  • Insight

    SKY ONE believes in a unique combination of investment and portfolio management skills, commitment to sustainability and stakeholder management. We create value for partner companies through sustainable operational excellence and a genuine partnership approach. Our combination of well-connected local investment teams and global best-practice capabilities offers an unrivaled platform for growth.

    Positive Leadership

    In order to experience improvement, progress and success, any industry irrespective of the type must be built strongly on three basic concepts. They are necessarily the people, processes and profits of the company and the way they look at them.SKY ONE is managing all these pretty important ingredients of leadership in order to unleash their efforts and accomplish success.