About Us

The Abraaj Group believes that good corporate governance makes good corporate sense. We aspire to the highest standards of probity and candor in all that we do, and we seek to demonstrate transparency in our activities.

A Commitment to Robust Regulation

At The Abraaj Group we recognize that our long-term corporate success depends not only upon the business and activities that we pursue but critically upon the manner in which we conduct ourselves as we implement our strategic objectives.

The Abraaj Group has always sought to demonstrate transparency in all its activity. Accordingly, in 2006, we sought a license from the Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA) to carry out licensable activity from the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). The Abraaj Group was the first private equity firm to do so, taking upon itself an obligation to conduct its affairs within the parameters of a robust regulatory regime. Our Group is subject to quarterly and annual reporting, inspection visits and theme reviews, together with ongoing obligations to meet regulatory requirements.

Our Holistic Compliance and Governance Framework informs our stakeholders about our governance practice and standards, which we consider to be important for the following reasons:

The strategic decision to operate within a robust regulatory regime means that our investors and shareholders know with certainty that our entire business activity and employees are subject not only to regular internal and external audit – but also to the rigors of world standard regulatory scrutiny. Our governance standards and risk management practices thereby underpin our regulatory responsibilities.

The Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for every aspect of the Group’s performance and activity. Accordingly, the Board promotes corporate responsibility and ensures that the Group’s business is conducted efficiently and in adherence with the highest professional and ethical standards.

Board of Directors